Friday, June 29, 2007

Finally Friday - an introduction

My life seems to be in that "finally Friday" mode. You know, where the week isn't over yet but it's winding down and things are a little more relaxed and casual. Our last son living at home got married this month and retirement is in sight for my husband and I - or, at least, a life/career change. Additionally, our youngest daughter was blessed with our first grandbaby. All of this has involved a scurry of activity, lots of late nights, and a certain level of emotional exhaustion. However, it didn't feel as frantic as it looked and I didn't feel the least bit frazzled. Not long ago I would have been completely stressed! Maybe that is the blessing of age - a kind of Friday attitude. There are still things to accomplish, expectations to meet, and places to be. The difference is that I feel more casual and relaxed about them. I still have enumerable things I want to accomplish in this life but they are more attainable goals than I had 20 years ago. There are still expectations, but I am a little easier on myself and am okay telling someone if what they expect is not something I think I can deliver. There will always be places to be too. I have figured out, though, that if I'm a few minutes late it is not a world crisis. I like this relaxed feeling and the idea of a future where I have more time to do the things that are important to me and not just the things that need to be done. That is part of why I'm doing this blog. I used to write- back before kids and jobs and committees and all. I think I'll enjoy doing it again and I'm grateful for a friend's blog that encouraged me to do likewise.