Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sermon in a Sentence

"What I do should contribute to both the betterment of the temporary as well as the promotion of the sacred and eternal." - Ty Miller

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sermon in a Sentence (or five)

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Dozen

1. If you could compete in one Olympic event (not necessarily winter sports) what would it be?

Synchronized swimming or some summer sport so I could travel someplace warm.

2. Do remember a specific Olympic moment from the past?

The moment that comes to mind is as a young teen watching Mark Spitz swim butterfly for one of his seven gold medals. My parents were having a church group party and it and my viewing of the Olympics were cut short by the news that my cousin Pam, who was also one of my best friends, had been killed in an auto accident.

3. Have you ever known anyone who competed in the Olympics?

My son competed in the Junior Olympics in karate. That's as close as I can get.

4. If everyday activities were Olympic-worthy, which activity would you have a gold medal in?

Gold medal = Doubles Cooking & Entertaining with hubby as a partner.
Silver medal = Gardening - would have won gold before going organic.
Bronze medal = Frugality & Greenness

5. Do you know anything about your ethnic heritage?

On my Dad's side it goes back to a French boy who married a Dutch girl and their daughter eloped with an Irishman. Scandalous!

6. Do you enjoy sleeping late?

I really don't. Unless I'm sick, If I do sleep late I always get up feeling like I've wasted half the day.

7. Have you ever performed CPR on anyone? Do you know how? (Yes, that's two, I know. Whatevs.)

No & Yes and hopefully those answers will remain the same forever.

8. Name one country you'd like to visit and explain why.

Ireland - I've always been intrigued by the country and since I've learned it's part of my heritage, I'm even more interested in visiting there someday.

9. Have you ever fixed up a couple romantically?


10. What is the last book you read?

Hot Flashes & Cold Cream by Diann Hunt It's a really funny fiction book except to those of us of a certain age it's only mostly funny because it's mostly true.

11. Do you enjoy sleeping late? NO, YOU write the question! How's that for random??
Back to the Olympics - what is your favorite part (ie. opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, individual events, medal presentation)?

I enjoy watching the opening ceremonies but then am a little frustrated by the amount of money spent on them. I mean, the amount they spent this year alone (estimated at over $100 million) would rebuild most of Haiti! I do like when an American wins gold and they play the national anthem at medal presentation.

12. What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?

Expensive restaurant = Something different each time from Oceanaire. I had the monkfish last time and it was yummy.
Local restaurant = Bar-b-q Ranch Chicken Salad at Scotty's Brewhouse with a side of Loaded Waffle Fries.

Wordless Wednesday - Snow Way!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sermon in a Sentence

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." - Helen Keller

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Dozen

1. Are you pleasant when you're ill, or are you a grumpy, fussy patient?

Slightly grumpy because I'm annoyed that I'm sick. Mostly, however, I just want to be left alone until I feel better.

2. When you find out that school is canceled (due to inclement weather) what is your gut reaction?

"They didn't cancel school this often when I was a kid!"

3. What is one domestic skill you wish you could improve?

Cleaning - I don't know that I really need to improve the skill, just wish I didn't hate doing it so much. I like to organize but with cleaning it seems like it's an endless task that never shows unless you don't do it.

4. Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day?

A little - I have some Valentine's candy dishes I use and I bought a new welcome sign for the door this year.

5. What song is on your mind today?

Matthew West - The Motions

6. Do you prefer contemporary movies or classic?

I prefer good movies - most of which are classic with a few contemporary thrown in.

7. How well do you "compartmentalize" your feelings? For example, how well can you put aside a really trying moment to deal with the immediate situation which is not related to the trying moment, e.g., putting aside a tiff with your spouse in order to finish wallpapering a room.

I'm reading two different things here, in my mind at least. (is that compartmentalizing?) I generally don't compartmentalize well in that I'm not good at pretending I'm fine if I'm not or that I'm in a good mood if I'm having a bad day. However, I am very good at doing tasks when I'm angry or sad or upset as a stress reliever for the pent up energy. Now, if what you were alluding to was wallpapering with your spouse in the midst of a tiff - well, lets just say someone could get glued to the wall!

8. What is the first thing that attracted you to your spouse? (Or if you're single, to your best friend.)

His laugh and sense of humor.

9. When was the last time your heart raced?

Yesterday, shoveling snow - but I'm guessing that wasn't exactly what you meant...

10. What are your memories of Valentine's Day at school?

Making a Valentine's box at home and then the "best box" competition at school. Okay, admittedly it is probably because I won more than once but I really loved making the box with Mom and deciding what we were going to make. One year we made a record player (yes, I'm that old) complete with a heart shaped record. Another year we made a typewriter with all the keys cut out in heart shapes and the paper coming out said Happy Valentine's Day.

11. If you were going to receive candy for Valentine's Day, which would you prefer?

As in which kind of candy? Optimal would be Lowery's white chocolate covered cherries - and if they could make them without calories, that would be great!

If the question was supposed to be flowers or candy then my answer would be a live flower I can transplant later or seeds for sewing in the Spring.

12. Red or pink?


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sermon in a Sentence

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardship and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Glad I caught the sky looking like this last evening...

because today everything looks like this again!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Dozen

1. Do you use the labels various charities send you as “free gifts?”

Yes. Originally I hesitated to use them if I didn't want to send money to that charity. However, they continue to send them over and over so now I use them.

2. What is your favorite time of day (or night) for skywatching?

Sunset and also after dark on a clear night. I love to take photos of the sunsets and really like to star gaze.

3. What is the most adventurous you've ever been with trying a new food? (Keep it G-rated please)

Pretty sure most of what I ate in Kazakhstan would qualify.

4. Have you ever heard a rock sing? (Trust me, there's a reason for this one!)

Um, no.

5. If you could learn a language you don't presently speak, what would it be?

Spanish. I learned a little in the 2nd grade and a little more in high school but no where near enough to be conversational.

6. Al Capone's tombstone read, “My Jesus, Mercy.” If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?

I Stand Amazed

7. If you were a famous musician who was known by one name, like “Cher,” “Sting,” or “Jewel,” what would it be? It doesn’t have to be your first name, but it can be, if you’d like.

Well, Blondie no longer fits since I've gone back to my natural color and it's already taken anyway so how about Sapphire since that's my favorite gemstone? Does that mean I'd have to sing blues?

8. Have you ever been inordinately “into” a television show?

Yes, and it's all your fault! I'm lost on LOST.

9. When you sneeze, do you go big, or do you do that weird “heenh!” sound that makes people think you’re going to blow your brains out? Any other variation we should know about?

Depends on where I am - at home, outside, etc. I just sneeze. In church, the theater, etc. I try to keep it to a quiet "shew".

10. Do you still read an actual newspaper that you hold in your hands, or do you get your news elsewhere?

I usually only read the Sunday paper and I read the "real" one. My degree is in journalism and I still enjoy the smell of newsprint. Ya, I know, I'm weird.

11. Are you a good speller?

Yes, although not a good typist. I won a spelling competition sponsored by Webster's Dictionary one time at a conference.

12. At what time each day do you start thinking about Lost lunch?

LOST - this week it has been shortly after I wake up. Lunch - usually about 10:30 a.m.