Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When the turkey companies (ie. Butterball, Norbest) pack those parts inside the turkey,

Why not package them in something that won't freeze to the inside of the turkey so you can get them out - and use bright red or yellow so they're easy to spot - and something in large print on the packaging about how many little bags are hidden inside would be good. (Okay, so how many other people out there have baked the turkey with the gizzards still inside in the little turkey colored bag?)

When we go to Thanksgiving dinner we know there are going to be leftovers, soooo...

Why not take our own Gladware rather than trying to carry stuff home on limp, foil covered paper plates?

When we go out Black Friday we know there will be crowds and lines at the checkout, soooo...

Why not mess with some one's attitude by letting them go ahead of you in line (especially if they only have a couple items - or a couple screaming kids.

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Linda said...

You are brilliant. It's why I hang around you. The first time I cooked a turkey, I didn't know what in the world those giblets were. Scary! Happy Turkey Day.