Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Not Wednesday

Today is Why Not? "Whens"day. As in, if not now, WHEN?

-All those things I want to take time to do (write, spend time with family and friends, enjoy nature, read, pray, exercise) and all the things I want to quit doing (overeating, caffeine, being sarcastic, being impatient)-

Why not start or stop doing them NOW, TODAY?

Why do I always have a "when" whine to answer that question? As in:
I'll write when I retire. I'll call my sister when I get home from work(and then it's a week later and I haven't called). I'll go outside and enjoy the woods when it gets a little warmer. I'll exercise in the morning when I get up (ya, right!).
Or, I'll quit overeating when I'm not so stressed (probably true - I doubt you overeat once your dead and that will be when there's no stress). And I don't even have a when for caffeine - life without caffeine - are you kidding? Then there are the "whens" for sarcasm and impatience. I don't want to think much about those since the honest answer is when I quit being so selfish or insecure or maybe even a little self-righteous - OUCH!

Okay, so I'm going to try to take one or two things at a time - set some realistic and measurable goals. You can and may now hold me accountable. I'm starting with writing and eating. The minimum writing goal is at least four of seven days each week to post to this blog. There. It's in writing, so hopefully I'll feel more compelled to follow through - and if not, feel free to call me on it when ever you catch me. As for the eating - I've lost 20 lbs. over the last two years but the last several months I've gained a little back, lost it again, but basically hit a plateau. Soooooo, going into the holidays the goal is just not to gain any weight then when ( ya, I know, I know) the holidays are over I'll work on losing the other 19 lbs. to hit my goal weight.

So there it is - Hey, why not join me and pick a couple of your own "when" whines to work on?

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Linda said...

Uh Oh! Now I'm onto you! I'm just getting caught up reading because of working on the speech so much. I think this is a good idea. And prompts do help me to come up with a topic.