Thursday, January 10, 2008


How many of these things do you remember?

1. I had one of these. I think it was for Brownies. I don't know if that is how the camera got its name. I just know I never really did figure out how to get it to work.

2. My sister and I both had one of these. Hers had dark hair like her and mine was blond like me. Hers always looke neat and clean like her. Mine's hair was always a mess and she looked like she'd been out making mud pies with me. (Remember making mud pies by the way?)

3. There are still a couple of these in our area and we still can't wait each Spring for them to open. Nothing tastes like rootbeer in a frosty mug!

4. Cameras with flashcubes! High technology at the time since you didn't have to change the hot bulb for each picture.

5. Gum wrapper chains - you know, the ones you were supposed to make as long and your boyfriend was tall. I never did get mine done even though my boyfriend was an average height.

6. I liked these but my boy cousins liked them better. I preferred to build with #7.

7. I loved tinker toys. You could build things that sort of looked like other things, like chairs or windmills. The picture is of the newer plastic ones but ours were all wood.

8. Meet Topo Gigio. My favorite part of the Ed Sullivan Shoooooow.

9. Oh yeah, these. The old fashioned way to fling ice cubes all over the kitchen floor. The down side to the convenience of icemakers, though, is that you can't freeze Coke in them with little marachino cherries in each cube.

10. 45 rpm spindles for your record player. For playing those singles instead of albums (33 1/3's).

11. Most people had one of these on their wall. I remeber when Coke came in 16 oz. bottles and my sister and I were allowed to split one one night a week - usually we saved it for Friday in case we also got to order pizza.

12. Go go boots!! You know, the ones you put on and suddenly morphed into someone who was soooo cool!

13. 1967 Camaro - the first car I drove in pretty teal color. I was supposed to be my Dad's car but Sister #2 drove it to college, then sister #3 drove it, then me. It was just an old car by then, not considered an antique yet, but it was still cool. It's still in the family and was the car we all borrowed as adults when ours was in the shop. Every time I borrowed it some guy would stop me to see if I'd sell it.

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