Thursday, February 7, 2008

Political Peeves

Thirteen reasons I get frustrated in presidential election years:

  1. The process starts earlier and earlier every year.
  2. At least one debate has an antagonistic or ignorent moderator.
  3. Continual interuptions of "regular programing" to tell us nothing or the same thing over and over.
  4. The phrase "my opponent" repeated 4,872 times.
  5. The competition to see who can have the most patriotic backdrop.
  6. Is it a caucus or an election? Why do we have both?
  7. The above being so spread out that by the time Indiana votes the primary outcome is almost always already decided.
  8. Popular vote vs. delegates?
  9. Super delegates!
  10. Mudslinging (this hasn't been quite as bad this time around - so far)
  11. Misleading and sensational sound bites.
  12. People who choose their candidate based on a single issue.
  13. Trying to decide the lesser of the evils when the primaries are over and all the candidates you had any confidence in are no longer an option.


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