Monday, February 18, 2008

Sideways Snow

So, here I am, posting from the land of sideways snow. Yep, I looked out the window and the snow is flying horizontally across the sky! It's kind of weird looking. It doesn't seem to be sticking anywhere except to the side view mirrors of the cars - nowhere else, just the mirrors. From a distance it looks like someone has painted all the mirrors white as some kind of odd prank. If the snow were falling , oh, I don't know, down it would be normal - even pretty. The sideways stuff just makes me feel a little puzzled and out of balance. I want to turn my head so the snow will be going the right direction.

It's kind of how my life feels right now - a little sideways. Not bad, nothing in particular wrong, just somehow a little off. It's like I keep turning my head trying to get a more normal perspective or the comfort of the familiar and it just doesn't work. Even what should be familiar and routine just feels a little sideways.

I wish I had some great wisdom to impart to wrap this up but I just don't. I'm just going to assume that just as the snow may fall straight down on another day, that at some point things will realign themselves and again appear to be in balance.

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