Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Words

I'm feeling the need to do something lighthearted so my Thursday Thirteen is a list of 13 words that because of the way they sound or look just amuse or confound me.
  1. phenomenon
  2. asterisk
  3. refrigerator (who came up with that name anyway)
  4. Arkansas (when they named this state were they claiming it as their version of Kansas)
  5. bookkeeper
  6. onomatopoeia (obviously this word does not fit it's definition)
  7. echo (echo, echo, echo)
  8. oxymoron
  9. meme (the debate on how this is pronounces rages on)
  10. Ohio ( I always want to write/type this OhiO)
  11. peppercorn
  12. syllabus ( why can't they just say course outline instead of silly-bus)
  13. VACATION ( It's just my favorite word for what it means - not for any of the aforementioned reasons)

1 comment:

nicholas said...

I have always wondered why they chose Arkansas as a name. But at least it must have had some real origin, unlike Idaho, which was completely made up by bureaucrats in Washington (true).