Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Russert

I feel compelled to comment on the passing of Tim Russert. Had I pursued a career in my field of study, journalism, I would have aspired to be like Tim.

In a world and time when the majority of news people are more interested in the gripping headline or the attention getting soundbite than in the truth or the integrity of the reporting process, Mr. Russert was an irreplaceable exception. With a style that made him feel like your neighbor down the street, he consistently provided relevant and reliable information in a clear, thorough, understandable manner. When he interviewed or mediated he was direct without being antagonistic. He was well-researched, well-informed and as unbiased as any human being could be. These are just a few of the traits that set him apart from most of his colleagues.

It is a further tribute to the man that, as those who knew him best speak of him, we find the man behind the scenes to be the same man - full of integrity, intellectual curiosity, strong values, and a strong faith.

He will be missed.

The best political cartoon about Tim Russert is by Brian Fairrington and can be seen here.

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