Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grocery Store Stuff -TT

1. Why do I always get the NASCART that only wants to go left?

2. Are the things on the top shelf just for tall people or can anyone buy them if they can climb up there?

3. Why does the store whose TV ads promote being "green" have cashiers that snarl at you when you have the reusable bags?

4. Speaking of which, you buy the reusable bags but you don't get any discount for the store not having to buy more plastic/paper bags to put your stuff in....

5. Is rearranging the store every couple of years because the employees are bored (like rearranging the furniture) or is it a sales ploy to be sure you have to walk down every single aisle again?

6. Technology provides us with price scanners and we can ring up our own order, so why aren't there computers in the store where you can type in a product to see it they have it and what aisle and shelf it is on? They do it for wedding and baby registries.....

7. Why is the cup/can holder on the cart only 3/4" tall? Does the moron that designed the carts just get excited hearing the words "Clean up on aisle three."

8. Why do the bags for produce require massive effort to get open?

9. Why don't they sell strawberries loose anymore so you can pick the ones and the size you want? Is that so you'll have to buy extra containers to get enough once you throw away the under ripe, over ripe, and furry ones ?

10. Kudos to the local grocery store whose handicapped spots are also marked for expectant and new Moms!

11. Why isn't the frozen and refrigerated stuff always at the front of the store so it has less time riding around in the cart thawing or getting warm?

12. And why are all the different things to drink spread out all over the store? Pop/soda and some tea on one aisle - coffee and some other tea on another aisle - water on yet another aisle - and then the juice on still another aisle.

13. Almost every grocery/super store has multiple conveniently located cart racks. Why are there still people who think they are so important that they can't take 10 seconds to put their cart in the rack? Is it wrong of me to hope the next time a storm blows in that it will be your car the stray cart crashes into?


Barbara Doduk said...

Great list. I totally agree with a lot of these. I never understood why all the cold items are at the back. Or how they organize the categories of things.

Happy TT

B @ The Love Blog

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I love your list. My local store rearranged the entire store last year, and I'm still trying to find items. And being short myself, I really laughed at #2. Wonderful TT!

Shannon H. said...

There are some evil cashiers out there but I try to keep a smile on my face hoping to make their day better.

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I think this list is genius. You should publish it. It did crack me up, from the first to the last. I think you are the most detail-oriented person I know!

PopArtDiva said...

You had me laughing through the whole list especially on #7!

I too have often wondered why they put products where they do - but I realized some years ago it was a marketing ploy (just as you suspected!) They place things "illogically" so you are forced to meander through every aisle and, thus, buy more crap you don't need!

I hate grocery shopping - I love food though.

I would love to just grab your whole post and put it on my rant blog - The BRAT in the HAT - you said it all about grocery shopping!

imadramamama said...

Every single one of these is true. Every. Single. One. LOL! Great list!

Lucy said...

haha This was MY kind of RAnt!! These were SO true! #7 was my fav! Why IS that cup holder so small, when they are selling Gigantic lattes at their coffee bar? great TT
thanks for visiting me, or I may not have found u!

Qtpies7 said...

Great list! My new pet peeve is our theaters showing commercials! We get commercials to pay for our TV viewing, yet I still have to pay for my movie ticket.
Oh, and I am not talking previews, I am talking spaghetti sauce commercials!

Kara said...

This is a great list! It's so true... :)