Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pet Peeveless Tuesday

Pet Peeve Tuesday

I'm not really feeling very peeved about anything today, just exhausted from a busy weekend that, even being three days long, was not long enough for some real R&R.

Maybe I'm peeved about that - but not really, just exhausted.

Today is a Tuesday "Monday" at work with all the frustration that Monday normally brings added to scheduling being off since its really Tuesday and additional errors to fix since there was the typical lack of concentration before the holiday weekend on Friday.

Maybe I'm peeved about that - but not really, just a familiar frustration, "the nature of the beast" so to speak.

There is politics and the presidential race...

Maybe I'm peeved about a variety of things on that topic - but not really, that is way past peeved to ranting on my soapbox which I'm choosing not to do in this blog.

So, I guess I'm just peeveless for today. Odds are though that by next week when I'm a little less frustrated and exhausted I'll be able to think of something I'm really peeved about.


MommyWizdom said...

Lol. Debbie, it's perfectly okay to be peeveless! I hope work gets better for you soon - I can relate to the whole Monday-Tuesday thing. I appreciate you trying...

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Amazing Gracie said...

Peeveless is not a bad thing! I am too quick to jump up on a soapbox!

Sandy C. said...

Sometimes it's fine to be peeveless. Especially since other times the peeveness can be overwhelming. :)