Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two for Tuesday-yadseuT rof owT

I wonder how much less stress/nerve/depression medication would be needed if Hollywood were banned from showing any violence and insurance commercials were only allowed in print media. What if, other than the news, the most upsetting things we saw on TV were Lucy pulling away the football as Charlie Brown tries to kick it or the Grinch weighing poor Max down with a reindeer antler?

I also wonder now much the availability of all the news all the time contributes to these ever increasing stress levels which then contribute to, among other things, addictions, overeating, and all types of physical ailments. How much do we really need to know? If you think that is a naive question, think again. The constant onslaught of news and its repetition numerous times a day has lead to many wrong perceptions.

How would you answer these questions?

1. Child abductions by strangers happen:

A) more often than in the past (ie. when I was growing up).
B) less often than in the past.
C) at about the same rate as in the past.

2. Violence in schools was at its highest in:

A) the last ten years.
B) the 80's and 90's
C) the 60's and 70's

Find the answers in the comments.


Debbie said...

#1 - C. The rate is about the same or slightly less. It is the minute to minute coverage that gives us the perception that it happens more often.

#2 - B. The rate of violent crime in school has been declining since 1994 despite the fact that Columbine was in 1999. It is at the lowest it has been since the early 70's.

Greg C said...

I belive it. I got beat up twice while going to school and both times I was minding my own business.

Jill Brooks said...

I would have thought more abductions happen now than when I was a kid.

I would think that the 60's era was probably more violent. I hear of race riots that happened way back then. (haha...had to throw "way back then" in there)

Ornery's Wife said...

Thanks for visiting Miller Manor! I am not surprised that the rates are same or lower. When I was a child, I remember at least three murders/abductions in my little town of Sierra Vista, AZ. (It is NOT little now, but back then it was very cozy!) I know it happens now, but more as child custody issues than the violent senseless crimes that those poor little girls were subjected to by strangers.

Sadly, if drug abuse was added in the mix, I think today we are in a much worse situation. We medicate for everything under the sun, and the diseases that are by-products of those meds are killing us off faster than abductions or violence!

Great post.