Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Update

Okay, so mostly I am updating you on my progress on my TT To Do list in order to hold myself accountable, but that's okay with you, right?

Happily, I have my nativities and my Santa's all set up. (The nativities will be available for your viewing on this weeks TT.)

The tree is up and has lights on it thanks to hubby. Having "sensed" my frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed, I think he may start decorating it today.

Gracie an I are still in negotiations about the antlers. (I think I may need to find a bigger bone or resort to people food to get past the stalemate.)

I'm narrowing down the wardrobe selection which will probably remain up in the air until two seconds before recording.

Mostly that just leaves the wrapping and the technological issues which I could probably get figured out if I could just quit getting distracted by these...

and this...

Yep, we're hooked. We are frantically trying to watch all the seasons to get caught up before LOST begins again in January. (FYI- I think LOST fans will get a kick out of my post the morning or the show's season premier.)


storyteller said...

What a good idea to hold yourself accountable in this manner. Looks like you're making progress even though you're catching up with LOST episodes. Love the photos of the QTies ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

PopArtDiva said...

When Gracie gets bribed enough for the antlers post the photo and I'll post Pixel wearing hers, lol.

Thanks so much, btw, for your purchase of my Starboobs design!

My TT is up - it's 13 Things I Wanted For Christmas As A Kid But Never Got - just a teeny little nudge to Santa, lol.