Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

I am currently reading this book and I highly recommend it!

Written in 2007, the book takes aim at the long standing economic axiom that growth is good and more growth is better. McKibben notes that there are "Three fundamental challenges to the fixation on growth..." which are that "growth, at least as we now create it, is producing more inequality than prosperity, more insecurity than progress", that "we do not have the the energy needed to keep the magic going, and can we deal with the pollution it creates?" and that "less obvious and even more basic: growth is no longer making us happy."

Using plenty of facts and even more logic he builds a compelling case for rethinking our most basic economic premise. In case you are concerned that it might be like reading a textbook, I assure you, it is not.


It is cold, cold, cold in Indiana today. Ideally today I'd have stayed in bed cozily under my duvet for an extra hour or two. It's a day for a fire in the fireplace and making chili. Like much of the rest of the population of our state, however, I'm trudging off to work in the wind and the snow. The picture on my calendar of the French Riviera is taunting me.


Greg C said...

Well I made chili last night and brought it along for lunch today. I also put wood in the fireplace this morning before I left for work. It has been a great day and yes it is going to be colder tonight. That book sounds interesting. I need to start reading again.

George said...

This is great weather for reading! Stay warm.

LingoVise Says... said...

The only good thing about winter is the Hot Chocolate consumption...

We actually saw the teeniest bit of sunshine today - the first in nearly a month!

Hopefully things will warm up for you :)

Petrus said...

I agree economic growth can not be sustained for ever - it must come to an end at some stage . BUT tell the politicians !!!