Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two for Tuesday - yadseuT rof owT

Last week we were covered in snow. Today it is 65 degrees. By the end of the week snow is again expected. Near record highs and lows within weeks of each other, and there are still people who "don't believe in" global warming (otherwise known as climate change).

Here are some protesters who would disagree.


Does that mean if we decide we just don't believe in the fact that the American economy is spiraling down to disastrous levels that we'll still get a paycheck if our company closes or lays off? Does it mean that my portion of medical bills will still be affordable despite the fact that Delphi just decided that they would no longer pay any insurance for retired salary workers?


storyteller said...

I do love the photo and the point you're making here in your first point ... I addressed the financial crisis at Sacred Ruminations a bit this morning while wordily writing about wellness ...
Hugs and blessings,

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

First off, GREAT image!

Next, there's a blogger here in the Great White North who loves to basically blog about the fact that it's COLD in their part of the world, therefore global warming is a hoax.

Many people then point out that "Global Warming" is a global thing... and not "Small Town Canada Warming"... and you must view ALL the data.

Well, we had record highs too... and all the snow is gone in this part of the country... so I asked, "Now that it's unseasonably warm there, does that mean that, for now, climate change IS real?"

I've not gotten a response.