Monday, May 25, 2009

Two for Tuesday - yadseuT rof owT

Two vacation stories...

How I Lost My Shirt in Wisconsin

No, there wasn't a "wardrobe malfunction" nor was any gambling involved. We were just driving along in the southwestern part of Wisconsin enjoying the sunshine and the scenery when we came around a small curve in the road and then... and then... there was a ginormous gust of wind that whipped through the car windows sucked up my shirt that was laying in the back seat like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz sucked up Dorothy's house, whipped it behind my head and out the front car window and lets just say I'm pretty sure my shirt isn't in Kansas anymore. I'm not even sure it is still in Wisconsin!

See that thing in the sky to the right about a third of the way up - pretty sure that's my shirt flying across the Wisconsin farm land.
(Not really but that is a lot what it looked like and it was still in the air the last we saw it.)

Wind Turbine Fields Forever

(Sung to the tune of Strawberry Fields Forever)

Let me tell you now,

'Cos I went through

Wind Turbine Fields.

They're really real

And something to get thrilled about.

Wind Turbine Fields forever.

Seriously though - it was pretty amazing. We saw them from the I-74 as we were traveling through Illinois. We couldn't resist a side trip to go take a look at them a little closer. They were much farther away than they seemed because the were HUGE. Eventually we found our way to what appeared to be the center of the "field" of wind turbines. They seemed to go on forever in both directions. The ones we were nearest were marked as 105, 106, and 107 so we're guessing there were about 200 altogether.

It was really amazing - and exciting.

They were quiet and kind of pretty. Much, much less of an eyesore to the landscape than cell phone towers or power lines. I admit, I was intrigued by the notion of wind power and totally behind it in theory. I just wasn't sure there was enough wind to consistently make it work. However, on this day there really seemed to be only a slight breeze and all the turbines were still gracefully spinning. I can't imagine what they'd have looked like in the wind in Wisconsin!

Clean, totally renewable - why aren't we jumping on this bandwagon faster?

(Drop by tomorrow for more photos of these.)

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Jenny wren's nest said...

Oh My goodness debbie, I bet the people of Wisconsin got quite the double feature when you lost your shirt. Hope the popparotzi were not around. Jenny