Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise (insert eye roll here)

So the day started at 6:00 a.m. with yelling and yipping as hubby fell over the sleeping dog. In spite of the cacophony of sounds, thankfully neither is any worse for the wear. I might have suspected it was a sign of how the day was going to go had I been the one doing the falling. Since I wasn't, however, I approached the day unsuspectingly - thinking only that it was a very early start.

Already wide awake, I decided I might as well start getting some things done. I unloaded the dishwasher, started some laundry, and headed for the garden - hereafter known as the location of Disaster #1.

Hubby bought me this nifty garden tool last year and it is really great - UNLESS you get it caught in your string line at which point you will spend the next twenty minutes - 20 MINUTES - unwinding the three feet of string which has now somehow grown to 12 feet. After retrieving the string from the sharp, pinching teeth of the cultivator I finished my work in the garden. (Side note: Organic gardening lesson- don't begrudge paying more for organics. They really are WAY more work.)

Once the garden work was done I decided to spray the fire pit area with Round-up. I promise, this is far away from the garden and I had checked wind direction, etc. I put on my rubber gloves and proceeded to mix the Round-up in the spray container. I pumped and sprayed (goodbye crab grass) and pumped and sprayed (good riddance poison ivy) and pumped and... Disaster #2 sprayed! The sprayer hose blew loose from the container sending out a stream of chemicals much like a drinking fountain that Tim, The Tool Man, Taylor had gotten a hold of and it went all over me! I turned quickly enough to keep any from getting in my face but my entire left side was soaked before I got the hose reattached. During the reattaching process my nice, protective rubber glove got filled with the stuff too! Needless to say, I was off to the shower before that job ever got finished. It did get finished though - after hubby fixed the "auto-disconnect" problem.

By now it was lunch time - yep, just lunch time - and I was ready to fix something to eat then sit down and relax for a little while before starting the next project on the agenda. I heated up some ham & beans in the microwave but the minute and 15 seconds I put them in for only made them slightly warmer than room temperature. So, I put them back in for another 20 seconds (note- twenty seconds). I pulled them out, added ketchup and onion, and started to take a taste. Somehow, in that 20 seconds they had quadrupled in temperature. Before I could finish thinking how glad I was that I had not taken a big bite, therefore only stinging my lip a little, the remainder of what was on the spoon fell - PLOP - onto my chest! OOOOOOOOOOOUCH! Disaster #3.

So, I am now sitting at my computer, where it seems relatively safe unless I fall off my chair, and I may stay here the rest of the day. I WILL NOT be pressure washing the back patio and deck as planned. It just seems to risky.

I mean it is the part of the house closest to the woods so I think I'd be inviting a visit from either the ROUS's of Princess Bride fame or the equally frightening giant spider from Gilligan's Island. At the very least wet pine needle spray would somehow come back and cover me calling for the third shower of the day!

So - how has your day been?


Island Rambles Blog said...

this post is very funny and you can really write and I got side tracked from the sky watching have a nice blog here... have a good weekend...cheers.

Linda said...

What a day! I've seen these garden tools advertised and had thought I might try one but now I'm not so sure - I'm bound to get it caught up in a line somewhere. As for the microwave, that's the story of my life every time I venture near one. Needless to say I don't do that very often. Hope you haven't had any ill effects from your Roundup spraying.

Greg C said...

Great post Debbie. Sorry I am just not getting over to see it. I had a really busy weekend. We were at the market and had a fan on us. I had some string laying by the fan but when I went to get it, it was gone. All of a sudden the fan started to make a strange noise and I found the string. Like you said it was longer than before and wrapped all around the fan blades. That was fun.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I didn't know you were doing a garden! Sorry about the fart-erifically bad day, but you did make me laugh.