Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Wow"mart Shopping

So Linda, my friend over at 2nd Cup, always seems to find blogging material at Wowmart (as she calls it). I had some other errands to do near the local Wowmart so I decided to stop there to pick up a few grocery items rather than going to where I normally shop. I did not see the foil-haired lady nor did I have any toilet paper experience.

I did, however, overhear two interesting conversations.

The first one I could not post in its entirety without changing the rating on my blog but was a middle age couple who appeared by their shopping and conversation to not know each other all that well (possibly were dating) but proceeded to discuss why her son was in jail and about his nephew (in jail also) and the details of each situation which would have equalled TOO MUCH INFORMATION in a counseling session, let alone in the middle of a store! Geeesh!

The other conversation made me literally laugh out loud!

Overheard in the school supply aisles:


"This one is what's on the list"

"But Moooooom."

"See, it has different sections for different subjects."

"Moooom, I just need this one - not the one with sections."

"but the list..."

"Mom, this is the exact kind my friend has and she's a straight A student!"

Yep, I'm guessing that single subject notebook will make all the difference.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

First of all, I LOVE the new blog design. I'm all about Aquapoppy now.

Secondly, thanks for the links! And aren't you fancy with all of your links!

Thirdly, the couple's conversation: Really, is there a better way to bond that having family incarcerated? So much in common!

Fourthly, I was probably just like that kid.

Also, absolutely gorgeous sky watch pics. Unbelievable.

smclevenger said...

You know Eric and I went in to only get a Sunday paper once and the cashier just started reading my paper. She was litterly flipping through the different sections. I could not believe it.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Linda, Glad you like the new design and that little girl was hillarious - a theater major later on perhaps?

Sarah, Seriously? That's too funny - only at Wowmart!

Greg C said...

I call it Wally World. We got all the things on the List but we shaved the quantities a bit. Every year we get half the stuff back at the end of the year so we didn't send as much.