Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Just thirteen random thoughts/questions...
  1. My favorite books for children are The Giving Tree (Silversteen), Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Viorst), and anything by Dr. Suess.
  2. Only in Indiana can you have your air conditioning on one day because it's 90 degrees out and then, two days later, need to turn on the heat because it is so cold.
  3. Regarding that, exactly when should one put their summer clothes away and get out the winter ones?
  4. When is it a fashion faux paux to still be wearing sandals?
  5. Who was Murphy anyway and why did he make such frustrating laws?
  6. Is it harder to break a bad habit or start a good one?
  7. At what age does it become useless to make "mental notes" and start requiring that you actually write a note to remember anything? (I'm guessing about 47)
  8. I'm looking forward to a Christian comedy show we are going to tonight. I love to laugh. I love even more to hear my husband laugh.
  9. I'm currently suffering from grand baby withdraw since I was sick earlier in the week. I think I'll go see her at lunch.
  10. How did the Jack-o-lantern get it's name?
  11. They've cut the corn fields down officially making in deer season. Not hunting deer season but the season when the deer try to play Frogger backwards with your car.
  12. 75 shopping days until Christmas.
  13. Hey now, no saying nasty things about the blogger!

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Linda said...

Hey girl, I passed a little goody on to you. Nice list. Hope you enjoy the show.