Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen tips for remodeling your bath or kitchen.
  1. Plan, plan, plan!

  2. Start early going through magazines and catalogs. Tear out pages of rooms that look like you want your room to look and keep them in a file. Do not do this all in one week like cramming for a test. If you do this over time and then take your "pages" to a professional they will be able to see trends and styles that consistently appeal to you.
  3. Know up front that things won't go according to plan.
  4. Start early in case there are things you need to special order. Orders for most cabinets take from 3-6 weeks. Fixtures and faucets take about 4 weeks. Non-standard colors will take longer so if your heart is set on that Navy blue whirlpool you better plan to wait 6-12 weeks to get it.
  5. Remember that when it comes to plumbing and cabinets you pretty much get what you pay for. Also, what you get at a box store and what you get from a supplier are not always the same quality even if they have the same brand name. Many manufacturers produce a "cheaper" version for the box stores. That is why their prices are less.
  6. The Internet is a good place to browse for ideas but it is wise to buy locally where you have a professional to help you with your choices and to back up your warranties.

  7. Be aware that some of the things you see on television (HGTV, etc.) are prototypes that are not available to the consumer yet.

  8. To avoid getting overwhelmed by all the choices select one thing you really love and want in your room and build the rest of the room around it. In the kitchen, for example, it could be a certain color counter top or paint. It could be the cabinets you just love or just a rug, artwork, or collectible you want in the room.

  9. Make choices based on your personality and how long you plan on being in this house. If you want to sell the house in a couple years choose the neutral color tub/shower over that black one that looks so great in a picture. If you plan to move, or if you like changing things often, lean toward simple and neutral for your big ticket or hard to replace items (cabinets, showers, quartz or solid surface counter tops). Add color or themes with your paint and accessories.

  10. Choose your counter tops wisely. Quartz (Silestone, Cambria) and solid surface (Corian, Staron) counter tops are much more costly up front but are much more "user friendly" and will increase your resale value in mid to high end homes.

  11. If you are remodeling to resell be sure to keep the house size and style, as well as the neighborhood, in mind so you don't upgrade past what the market will tolerate.

  12. Expect delays and allow for unexpected expenses. There are things you or even the best remodeler cannot foresee until demolition begins.

  13. Try to relax and enjoy the process. When things go wrong remember two things: 1. This is a kitchen/bath - it is not "life or death". 2. All the little delays and annoyances will be forgotten once you are soaking in your new whirlpool or entertaining in your new kitchen.


Linda said...

Very informative. Never knew about the prototype thing.

msdebbiea said...

These are such wonderful suggestions Debbie~~thanks!