Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A little twist on the Why Not "Whens"day today.....

When my husband wants to do something a different way or wants to take the round-about way to the store, why can't I just smile and say "why not"?

When one of the kids wants me to do something with them and I already have my day all planned out, why can't I just laugh and say "why not"?

When a customer wants me to do something way outside my job description (like help them pick their paint color or curtains) why can't I be thrilled that they value my opinion and say "why not"?

When my dog is bouncing back and forth (note that this is a 120 lb. Rott and bouncing isn't an everyday action) because she wants to go for a ride, why can't I just jump in the car with her and way "why not"?

When will I realize that my "to do" list and my life can and should be more flexible and that I should often replace the words but, maybe later, I'd rather, or not now, with "WHY NOT"?


Johanna said...

Excellent attitude! Although I am familiar with "Ggggrrr, I had the whole day mapped out, and you can just do whatever you want whenever you feel like it!!(wipe brow in martyr fashion)". I will work on this this week! And your dog is beautiful, touches my heart, I had to put down my Doberman/Shepherd 3 years ago, and although they are not the same breed, I saw a lot of similarities in the Rotties I've known, really sweet, intelligent gentle dogs that people recoil from yelling "AAArrrgh!' and in 15 years my Bruno never got it, thought maybe if he leaned on them and kissed them they would feel better. The only dog I have left alone in a room asleep next to a newborn baby, because I knew he would come and get me if anything was wrong. Once, he was bothering me to play with him while I was busy, and I said"go get your fish!!" because he had a beanie baby goldfish toy, and he was angry enough at me to take his toy and drop it in the fish tank, and then come and get me, busting with pride. Good for you for listening to the 'why not?", I hope I can follow suite this week..

Debbie said...

Thanks for your comment. It sounds like your Bruno was one smart dog. These guys can be trained to do almost anything. People are amazed that Gracie will ring a bell on the door when she needs to go out.

Debbie said...
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msdebbiea said...

What a wonderful reminder Debbie~~~thanks for being an inspiration, once again. Some of my greatest memories in life come from learning to be "flexible" and not insisting the world unfold on my timetable. It's still a battle though for us "organized folks"~~so thanks for reminding us of its importance. Hope you're enjoying the season!!!