Monday, November 19, 2007

Manic Monday

Yep, it's Monday morning and I am suffering from weekend exhaustion as usual. I really need a job where I work two days and am off for five! Friday right after work we started our serious Christmas shopping. I tend to purchase a few things throughout the year when I see something really special for someone but the serious shopping usually starts on "Black Friday". However, since the stores are in an economic panic this year and have started running their sales early, I have started running around like crazy early! We were back up EARLY on Saturday morning to go to the grocery so we could get some of the Meijer Super Saturday Items before they were long gone. All the while telling myself that no one with any sense goes to Meijer on Saturday! Then we were off for yet another "morning" sale and back home by 1:00 to get the house cleaned and laundry done before company was to arrive at 5:30 for dinner. Had a great time and then got a few hours of shut-eye before getting up for church followed by picking up the grandbaby for some much enjoyed quality time. While she was with me I also finished up some laundry, unloaded the dishwasher from the night before and fixed snacks to take to our Life Group meeting. We took the baby home on our way to life group and ended up back home at about 8:30. I did a little organizing to prepare for this morning (Monday) then read a couple chapters in the "Fred" book we are reading in Women of Influence before drifting off to sleep. Side note: I slept really well and am wondering why I didn't purchase a down comforter (part of Friday night's purchases) ten years ago!!!
Is everyones life like this????


Deb said...

Nice Monday post! Happy Monday! I just posted Manic Monday - RELISH Meme!

Come stop by my blog!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

No, and you are wearing me OUT! Sounds like a fun weekend, though. Confession: I have not begun the books. I'm too worked up over my talk.