Monday, November 26, 2007

Today is a nice calm after the joy and madness that were the long Thanksgiving weekend. Our daughter-in-law and son hosted a wonderful/beautiful Thanksgiving feast for the family. We enjoyed both the food and fellowship and even finished cleaning up in time to watch Grey's Anatomy. My husband & I spent the night at their house so we could get up before the crack of dawn to go to the Black Friday sales. By 7:00 a.m. we had covered four stores and were back at their house for a quick sugary energy boost breakfast before returning to the madness. By a little after 11 we had covered somewhere between 5 & 7 more stores (it all became a bit of a blur at some point) and stopped at Logans Roadhouse for lunch. We had been up for over 8 hours and felt very much like we'd put in a full day. I was slightly surprised when we left Logans and hour or so later and it wasn't getting dark yet. Reality finally worked its way thru the fog and I remember we'd just had LUNCH, not dinner. Hubby helped get their Christmas stuff out of the attic before we headed home. Saturday was getting out our Christmas and then the beginning of the decorating mele. Right now the house looks like a Christmas tornado struck but hopefully by next weekend it will all be merry and bright!

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Linda said...

Yikes. I can't imagine all that shopping. It would kill me. I'm out of practice, anyway!