Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas

Tuesday's thought #1. Rather than do my own "holiday" rant, just visit this link. It says it better than I could and in a much more humorous way.


Tuesday's thought #2. The Christmas season is all about hope. That is part of why I love this time of year. Even in areas, situations, or with people where things may have seemed hopeless just a few weeks ago, this season brings a presence of hope that you can feel. It both offers proof of just how loving our God is and gives perspective on the importance, or triviality, of some of our difficulties. The historical event of Jesus' birth defies human logic- it doesn't line up with how we would do things. It was, however, conceived by an omniscient God who knew the whole picture and provided the perfect sacrifice. How often, especially when we are feeling hopeless, do we need to be reminded that we can't see the big picture. Christmas is the perfect reminder that God will provide the way in His perfect time and by His perfect design. It is not our job to understand, but to have faith in a God who has proven Himself over and over.

I like this idea of hope as an acronym.