Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two for Tuesday

  • At Christmas time it is important to remember that our value, our real worth, is not determined by the presents we receive or by the presents we give. It is determined by God thinking so much of us that he gave us the gift, the future sacrifice, of His own son so that we would not be separated from Him. No one has any more value or any less value than that.
  • Take some time this season to really consider The Nativity. Choose one of the people involved - Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, a wise man, the inn keeper - and try to look at the events from their perspective, in their culture, in that time. How did they feel? What did they think?

Two of my favorite songs of the season are ones that look at Mary (Mary Did You Know) and Joseph (It Wasn't His Child) from a different perspective. Check each of them out below.

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