Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here is my self-indulgent list of the 13 things I want for/about myself for Christmas to make me a better person. (Ya, okay, there are a couple purely superficial things).
  1. I want my husband's outgoing, "doesn't know a stranger" personality.
  2. I want my mother's strength and consistent faith.
  3. I want my daughter Christy's helpfulness (she can always just see what needs to be done and jumps right in).
  4. I want my son Justin's confidence and sense of self.
  5. I want my daughter Shantelle's beautiful eyes and her enthusiasm.
  6. I want my son Bradley's humor. He says and does some of the funniest things!
  7. I want my friend Linda's ability to write things people really want to read. (visit her blog at )
  8. I want my friend Debbie's calm kindness.
  9. I want my friend Jackie's inquisitiveness.
  10. I want my daughter-in-law Amira's eye for decorating (houses, cakes, you name it!)
  11. I want my nephew and his wife's heart for the innercity.
  12. I want my old body back- like it was at 18 or 22 (not 21, I was very pregnant) okay, or even at 39! Back when the scales weren't my archenemy and everything was still in it's rightful gravity unaffected place.
  13. I want someone else's hair. You know, the thick, full kind that you can wear up or down and in several different styles without ever visiting the beautician ( a far cry from my thin, fine, limp stuff - I do like my color though, well, at least the color those nice Clairol people let me make it!


msdebbiea said...

What a sweet, sweet sentiment for you to share with so many people in your life~~I've been reading your blog quite a bit lately. . .I don't often respond to blogs. . .am usually the quiet visitor, but let me assure you that your words are meaningful and such wonderful reminders of should-be priorities in daily life. I was thinking about something you wrote just yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work~~you are a significant influence in so many ways Debbie. Please keep the messages coming--they are sincere and I love them. Enjoy the holiday season~~~ The King lives!!!!

Debbie said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. We all need to get together soon.

p.s. Today is Rocky's last day of work.

Linda said...

Well,friend, that was very sweet. Almost as sweet as the Gingerbread Creamer in my coffee in my new mug! Seriously, that was very nice. I echo Ms. Debbie's sentiment; your writing touches me, too. Didn't realize today was Rocky's last day.

Linda said...

PS: we have the same hair wish.

Justin said...

Thank you for the kind words mom, but just think if everyone had my confidence the world would not be able to support our heads!!! LOL!

Johanna said...

Oh, your post is full of so much love, that I'm sure there are many many people in your life who strive to be more like you! Your words are so enjoyable to read, and you have so much wisdom to share, and that is very important.(Four kids? Just like me right now? I mean, I have one older stepson, but he's 13 years older than me, so..not like my child so much,kind of like my angry cousin..) God bless you, and have a wonderful Christmas, and please keep writing this for us!!!