Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Common Courtesy

When the person behind you in the grocery only has 2 or 3 items - Why not let them go ahead of you.

When someone is clearly waiting on your parking place - Why not pull on out before putting on your seat belt, adjusting your radio, checking your cell phone, makeup, etc.

When it's cold or raining outside - Why not stop and let the people crossing the parking lot or street go first.

When there is snow on the roads and deep ruts have been made, if you have a 4WD vehicle- Why not drive on top of the snow to break it down so people with a lower profile vehicle can get down the road more easily.

When you see someone with a stroller, with hands full of bags, or trying to hold on to several children- Why not wait and hold the door open for them.

When you see a parking meter that has run out - Why not put a quarter in.

When did these common courtesies become passe' - - - Why not bring them back one person/opportunity at a time.

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