Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday has fit its "manic" description as I continue to play catch up from being off work so much of last week. Since I'm still not 100% healthy I did take it pretty easy over the weekend. We pretty much hibernated on Saturday as the temperatures dipped to single digits - did some cleaning, had a fire in the fireplace, and watched a couple of movies. We went to church on Sunday and did some reading. We were invited to our daughter's house for dinner which was very nice and enjoyable. Overall, it was an extremely laid back weekend for me. Being sick and not getting to see my granddaughter is no fun but we did get to see ultrasound pictures of the new grandson to come!!!! Yeah!! The cousins will be almost exactly a year apart which should make for some really entertaining holidays in a few years. With one of each the future holds both tea parties and bug hunts - dolls and trucks - all the fun of both. I can't wait.

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