Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two for Tuesday-yadseuT rof owT + Plus one.

Okay, I don't know if my brain is still scrambled from being thrown around like a rag doll in the wreck or if I'm getting blonder by the minute but I have been doing some pretty goofy things lately. So here are three things I've done that you might want to avoid.

1. We moved a spare mattress into the bedroom yesterday for me to sleep on instead of the very uncomfortable couch. Yeah! It is half in the sitting area and half in the bedroom so that Rocky can still get around it in the wheelchair. Do not, however, when trying to put the sheets on, fling them out like you do in a non-confined area. This will result in somehow managing to crack your knuckles into the door frame and adding to the bumps and bruises you already have.

2. If you think you turned the curling iron on but the little red light is not lit up, do not check to see if it is hot by taking ahold of the barrel! This will result in a very sore hand, several "not so nice" words, and the discovery that the curling iron is working fine except for the little red light which has apparently burned out.

3. If you are recovering from a recently broken nose, no matter how excited you are to see your beautiful granddaughter and be able to hold her again, do not hold her close enough that she can unintentionally bop you in the nose. This will result in tears running from your eyes and the urge to both wet your pants and drop the baby (neither of which is an option).

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Linda said...

Too funny--but watch the blonde comments would ja?! Oh that baby--now that I've met her mom, I can see how much she looks like her. At least she didn't do what my son did to my mom: throw up in her mouth. (She was holding him over her face while lying down.)I cannot believe you grabbed hold of the curling iron like that. You are a glutton for punishment!