Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Year Closer to Half a Century!

In celebration of my birthday, today's Thursday 13 is all about me. I know Rick Warren says its not about me, but just for today-for brief intervals of the day, it is.

  1. Today is my birthday! (Just in case you didn't catch on to that already.)
  2. I've decided to start counting backward for my age after this year.

  3. I get to share my birthday with Tim McGraw!!! (Okay, technically just my birth date, but a girl can dream, can't she?)

  4. I am the youngest of four girls. (This is important at family gatherings when I can't win the "who weighs the least" award - I can always say "but, I'm still the youngest!")

  5. I love surprises! (Like last night when my husband took me to dinner and a group of family and friends was waiting for me there. He did it a day early so I wouldn't catch on to the surprise.)

  6. I've always liked that my birthday is in the Spring.

  7. I remember a birthday when I was little and Mom made a paper cake with curly ribbon coming out of it and all my little friends and I got to pull on a ribbon and there was a gift tied on to the other end.

  8. I remember my 13th birthday when I got to have a "boy-girl" party and my sister spent all kinds of time decorating for it. I didn't get to see it until right before my guests arrived. It was "totally awesome". She had pink and purple foot prints leading down the stairs and then all around the room. Even though that hints at how old I am, at the time it made me "way cool". It was a "groovy" party.

  9. I spent my 16th birthday at the prom. I remember my really pretty navy blue dress and that my friend (who is now my husband) told the band it was my birthday. I was soooooo embarrassed when they announced it and then played "Birthday" by the Beatles.

  10. Another memorable birthday was my 21st. No, not for any reason you might be thinking... I was nine months pregnant with my first baby. She was born twelve days later.

  11. For my 30th birthday I was taking finals. I went back to college after the kids were born and graduated just after turning 30.

  12. At 40 I was still in the newlywed phase of my second marriage. You've just got to love that first six to nine months when you get to be together all the time but are still both on best behavior.

  13. Last year, this year, and several more in the future no doubt, are all about grand babies! The first granddaughter was born last June. The first grandson is due this June. I sure don't like my age in number form but if that's what the count has to be to get to enjoy these grand babies, I can deal with it.


Karlee said...

Happy Birthday Debbie!!

marcia said...

Happy b-day I just had my 49th too i like you blog title and analogy

Arlene said...

Happy Birthday Debbie I liked your list. Being a grandmother is very cool, I have had a few years of experience

msdebbiea said...

The day belongs to you Debbie~~~enjoy it!!! :)

mom huebert said...

Counting backwards, huh? That sounds like a great idea. Happy Birthday!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your list. I am a little bit older than you. It isn't too bad being over 50.