Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pet Peeve Tuesday #1 - Clothes Styles

Fall is approaching and instead of being excited to see what the new clothing styles and colors are, I dread it. This particular post is not really about about the skimpy, trashy styles that are being put on younger and younger girls, although that is related (and obviously I could do a whole post on that topic).

This is about trying to buy clothes that you look nice in and want to wear. If you are over 30 and under 70 the selection is pretty limited. There are a few select stores (cheers for New York & Co.) that actually have a good selection to choose from and where you might even find something that fits!

Otherwise, you are stuck trying to create something wearable out of nice looking, fashionable clothes that would look great on your mother and the tween, teen, college styles that often don't even look good on 16 year old, let alone an actual adult woman.

Don't even try to find a dress unless you want to spend a small fortune (think Coldwater Creek). This gets even worse if you are either taller or shorter than "normal".

Seriously, is it too much to ask for a pair of jeans that hits somewhere between 5" below your navel (good luck finding underwear that won't show in the back) and 3" above your navel (maybe even without elastic anywhere on the waistband). I know it's not just me. I drove by the sign of a local petite shop recently that read "Not Your Daughter's Jeans".

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure a large chunk of the population falls in this "no womans land" of fashion.

What about you? Do you know a store that offers nice, affordable, fashionable clothes for middle aged (there, I said it) women?

Pet Peeve Tuesday


Russ said...

My wife and I agree with you. We were just talking about some of the people we saw at the park. It was a Town Ceremony. I watched a young lady actually pulling her pants down, because they were not low enough.
And yes it is hard to find any sensible clothing. Thanks for dropping by.

MommyWizdom said...

Thanks for participating in PPT! You raise a really good point. If I had more time (and inclination) I think I'd be better off trying to make my own clothes. I don't know any affordable stores either; but I'm still looking.

msdebbiea said...

The Goodwill Store. . .FOR REAL! It's my favorite place to shop for clothes~~~you'd be amazed at all the brand name items I get that still have tags on them (Liz, Ann Taylor, etc) :)