Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meme - The Letter "S"

Lori invited me to do this meme and I thought it sounded fun.

You are assigned a random letter and you should then post 10 things that you love that begin with that letter.

The letter she assigned me was "s". So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Soup - This is the first thing that came to mind. I do love homemade soup, especially when the temperature outside is below freezing and there is 8-10 inches of snow on the ground - like today!

  2. Sweet Tea - nothing better, any time of year.

  3. Sunsets - If you've visited my blog much you might have guessed this one. I have to really work not to have every Skywatch Friday post be a sunset. I just can't get over the beautiful and unique artwork God does in the sky almost every evening.

  4. Seashores - I love the feel of the sand on bare feet, the swaying palm trees, the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore - add one of those sunsets and, for me, it's as close to Heaven as we can get here on Earth.

  5. Sapphires - These are my favorite gemstone even though my birthstone is an emerald. I love deep blue sapphires.

  6. Shoes - I do love shoes. I had my closet designed to accommodate my shoes. Now, we're not talking Imelda Marcos amounts of shoes, but I definitely have more than I really need. That's why when a local charity suggested charging a shoe tax as a way of collecting donations I decided it was the perfect way for me to help.

  7. SPIFs - Those are Sales Person Incentive Funds in case you've never heard the term. That's where I can earn extra money or stuff for doing my job well. I've been in some type of sales for many years and have received SPIFs ranging all the way from a plastic candy dish to points to buy really nice stuff (name brand food processor, pack n' play, etc.) to an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii 11 years ago. Yep, I love SPIFs!

  8. Smiles - I love to see people, and especially kids, smile. Real, genuine smiles not "beauty contestant I put Vaseline on my teeth" smiles.
  9. Salads - For a long time I didn't like salads but now I really do. All kinds of salads. Hopefully hubby will learn to make some great salads in culinary school because right now his "homework" may turn me in to a future contestant on The Biggest Loser!

  10. S*x - 'nuf said.

That was fun, although, I admit getting started was a little tough. All the "s" words seemed to have exited my mind.

So, if you're interested in doing this meme, just let me know in the comments and I'll pull out my Scrabble (hey, that's another "s" I love) letters and send you your randomly selected letter.

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George said...

Debbie, you did a great job with the letter 'S'.