Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Thoughts for Thursday

So, I've decided to do this Project 365 thing. Mine, however, will technically be project 361 since I didn't know about it and decide to join in until Monday. I'll be posting each week on Sunday if you're interested.

I wore new shoes today! I like that they are comfortable on the first day and was pretty hopeful about that since I walked around the store in them for a few minutes before buying them. The down side - one of them squeaks when I walk. I know, I walked around the store - I did. Did I mention the loud music playing in the store? Hubby didn't care for it but it didn't bother me while I was shopping. It bothers me now though - every time my left foot hits the floor.

I've been planning my garden and I'm very excited about it. Isaac's mommy and my niece are both making most of the food for their little ones so I'm planning to have an organic garden. This also means starting a compost pile. I'm not quite as excited about that part - a little concerned about odors and critters - but I'm learning a lot.

Work has been unseasonably busy? Hope that is a good sign for the economy.

I took this quiz today...
I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz
and found out I'm a
Romantic Self-Knowing Believer

It also showed that - "0% of the 48841 people who have taken this quiz are like you." So, does that mean I am unique and special or just weird?

See, I knew I'd have made a good flower-child, Jesus freak hippie...


George said...

Debbie, I've had a compost pile for years. You shouldn't have any problem with odor -- I never have. We have critters in the woods around us, so I can't get rid of them completely (we're not allowed to fence our yards). Just make sure you don't put any meat or meat products in the pile and you should be okay.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

First of all, how did George start a compost pile without my knowledge? Oh wait. That's not MY George. Glad you're doing the project. I have a pair of shoes which squeak, too. And I'm going to take that quiz. You're post before this one was exceptionally good, too. Very thought-provoking.