Monday, January 5, 2009

Reflection Questions

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Are you the person you want to be or do you, like Paul, find yourself doing/saying things you don't intend and not doing or saying the things you do.

I always find myself reflecting as a new year begins. For me, I often need to self-evaluate, to discover my strengths and weaknesses and to learn my motivations, before I can move forward and grow.

Following are three questions that I have been thinking through - and then asking "Why?" to my answers - in order to better understand myself and, therefore, my thoughts and actions.

  1. If I had the money to pay for one weekly luxury, just for me, what would it be? (ie. manicure, massage, personal shopper, housekeeper) Why?

  2. What point in time and area would your real self be most comfortable in? Not who would you like to meet in history but when would you have been most comfortable with the work required, food eaten, styles worn, difficulties present, and attitudes generally held? (ie. Biblical times, pilgrim, cowboy/cowgirl, flapper, hippie, day trader) Why?

  3. Dante asserts that there are seven deadly sins - anger, sloth (laziness/apathy), greed, lust, jealousy/envy, gluttony(includes not only food but things), and pride. I believe that each of us is more prone to one of these sins than the others. I also believe that every sin is based in pride. So which of the others do you struggle the most with? (If, by the way, you don't think any of them apply to you I'd guess your "weakest link" is pride itself.)

This is about self-reflection but if you'd like to share your answers to any or all of the questions in the comments, feel free. I will share that my answer to each question is listed in the examples given. If you want to guess my answers - feel free. I promise to reveal the answers to the first two in later blogs this week. Since I am still debating between two of the "deadlys", (how awful is that?) that answer may or may not be revealed. I am also being amused at how I can connect the three seemingly unrelated questions.

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George said...

Very interesting questions, but I'm going to have to give them some thought before I know what my answers will be.