Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two for Tuesday - yadseuT rof owT

I heard today that the average American spends 151 hours a month watching television!

That means we spend almost as much time staring at what has been called the "Idiot Box" as we do at work each month.

How many better ways can you think of to spend that time.


As anyone who works with the public will tell you, if you make a customer mad, either because of something you've actually done wrong or because they don't like the answer you're having to give them, they will often times let you, your superiors, and anyone else who will listen know.

On the other hand, if you do a good job, even an exceptional one, they may thank or compliment you and might even refer someone to you at a later date. They will rarely, however, make a positive report to your superiors.

Keeping that in mind and knowing that as the economy gets worse there is more stress on everyone in their jobs, my challenge to you this week is to pay a compliment to someone who does a good job for you and tell their supervisor too. If you're up for a double challenge, hold your tongue this week if you get bad service or a rude salesperson and just assume they're having a really bad day.


Will said...

151 hours! Can that be possible? That is 5 hours a day, every day. I just figured out approx how much I watch. I don't watch any prime time network shows or sitcoms or HBO or anything like that so I realize I am not average. But I do watch some several days each week. Even if you include watching movies rentals on DVD, my monthly average is about 35 hours a month. Wen you put people like me into the equation, to get the average of 151 hours, many people must be watching 3 or 4 hundred hours per month. That seems impossible.

Anyway. Happy WW!

Greg C said...

I should have read this before I posted today. Oops. Sorry, I will do better. I am trying to get off the TV addiction. I am down to Cash cab only. I do let people know when they are doing a good job but I think it is important to let supervisors know when someone does a bad job too. Maybe they aren't having a bad day and this is their norm.

Momisodes said...

I'm sure I'm guilty of spending about that much time in front of the computer.

Thank you for the reminder to pay someone a compliment. Sometimes something so simple can really brighten someones day.

CountryDreaming said...

I stopped watching tv in May 2008. I relented once, curious to watch election returns. TV has been off ever since. Only see it if someone I'm visiting is watching. Meanwhile, I can spend more time working on photography and traveling to art shows.

As for complimenting those in the workforce who do a good job using their time and talents to benefit the rest of us, thank you for the reminder. This is always appropriate.