Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two for Tuesday - yadeusT rof owT

I'm taking on this challenge! To find out more and to join in visit Linda over at Second Cup. Hope you'll join us.

I had a great time this weekend at the NASCAR race in Bristol. The weather was perfect and the seats were amazing (one my legs quit shaking from the height).
Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of heights? It is a fear I have worked very hard at overcoming and I am proud to say that this weekend I overcame. I'm pretty sure that being able to sit with nothing between me and Heaven but a chain link fence qualifies! There will be lots of pictures tomorrow, but for now, here is a picture looking down from my seat - those are my tennis shoes you see in the bottom of the photo. Check back on Friday for my Sky Watch post to see how close I was to the parachuters and the plane that did the fly over. I can honestly say it was closest I've ever seen a plane that was in flight!!

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Greg C said...

I didn't get the Bristol tickets so I never made it there. Maybe one day. I will skip on over to Linda's place and see what this is all about. You had great seats.