Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday 13 - Totally Random

  1. This is my 72nd Thursday Thirteen post.

  2. This is my 18th post tagged "random thoughts".

  3. Additionally, I just started doing a new meme called

  4. You can see my latest entry by scrolling down.

  5. I am "jump up and down" excited that I have had visitors from 104 countries!

  6. Here is a "Yearbook Yourself" picture of me around the time I was born.

  7. This one is from 1992 and I've included it since I have a real picture of me that looks almost identical. Yes, I really had that hair!

  8. I am appalled and saddened by the "outburst" of Rep. Joe Wilson. We, as a country, are in a sad state when there is no respect for the Office of President. Regardless of who we voted for, in a civilized society certain positions should be granted respect. Funny that the same people who think this was defensible are the ones who would be totally appalled if the same type action happened to the minister in their church, a student screamed at a commencement speaker at their child's graduation, or a defendant back talked a judge.

  9. I am in search of one, just one, current television advertisement that doesn't try to sell it's product or idea based on sex or fear. Anybody seen one?

  10. I love autumn. Cooler temperatures are great for outdoor activities, bonfires with toasted marshmallows and mulled apple cider. Then there is all the camera fodder with the changing of the leaves.

  11. Early morning fog is beautiful as long as you don't have to be any place.

  12. If a rebuttal is the response to a speech, shouldn't it be a respeech (which it often is) since there is no such thing as a buttal?

  13. Is there anything you can eat that isn't better with cheese?

  14. My favorite comment from the Beth Moore Bible study I'm currently doing - "Coincidences are just miracles where God chooses to remain anonymous."

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Jenny wren's nest said...

Debbie are you going to U.C. for bible study? am or pm ?

Christy said...

Conner Prairie commercials. Oh ya, & several on PBS. Quit watching that "evil cable tv" Mom :-P

Hazel said...

wow! you look younger than in your old photos. I agree that in a civilized society certain positions should be granted respect. I remember being taught never to make negative comments about erring ministers of the church because no matter how wayward or embarrassing they behave they are God's annointed. Let God strike them with fire and brimstone. I thought if I had the chance to witness such, the scene would have my full attention (lol)

thanks for dropping by at mine.

Greg C said...

I loved the photos. The first one was the best. What will SC politicians do next. Only time will tell. I agree it was uncalled for even though there may have been some truth to what he said. There is a time and place for everything and that was the wrong way to handle it. If there is one thing good I see coming out of all of this it is that Americans have discovered that putting their trust in elected officials was a huge mistake. And that goes for R and D.

Pop Art Diva said...

I was drinking coffee and had just sipped a mouthful when I read this: "Here is a "Yearbook Yourself" picture of me around the time I was born." I ALMOST CHOKED FROM LAUGHING! You're just darn lucky I didn't or you'd be minus one TT commenter, lol.

I totally agree with #7 - no matter how much we disagree with our President we should respect him and the office. The time for contention would have been afterwards in front of the press corps, they eat that stuff up.

Tks for stopping by my Tales of a Jedi Cat - 13 reasons why I'm a dog person.

I'm going over to check out that other meme myself.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm not terribly religious, but I LOVE that final quote about coincidences. Roasted marshmallows, too. To me, they smack of summer, so the fall bonfires are bittersweet.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Jenny, U.C. P.m.