Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

In honor of our Veterans and our Soldiers

The following is a poem written by my uncle, George Vise. It was written during WWII and is an eye opening reminder to all of us.

When bugles sound their final notes
And bombs explode no more
And we return to what we did
Before we went to war
The sudden shift of status
On the ladder of success
Will make some worthy gentlemen
Feel like an awful mess.

Just think of some poor captain
Minus all his silver bars
Standing behind a counter
Selling peanuts and cigars
And think of all the majors
When their oak leaf's far behind
And the uniform they're wearing
Is the Western Union kind.

Shed tears for some poor colonel
If he doesn't feel himself
Jerking sodas isn't easy
When the eagle's on the shelf
'Tis a bitter pill to swallow
'Tis a matter of despair
Being messengers and clerks again
A mighty cross to bear.

So be kind to working people
That you meet where'er you go
For that guy who's washing dishes
May have been your old C.O.

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Greg C said...

So true. I need to go back and make another post today since I am a vetran.