Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Moldy End to the Year

As the year draws to a close many people take time to look back and evaluate the past. Many make resolutions to do or not do something in the future. As I've talked to people recently, and as I've been doing some evaluating myself, I've been reminded of a great analogy a friend once shared (thanks Mary). It is one I have often revisited and also shared with others more than once. It goes something like this:

It's like that thing in the back of your refrigerator. You know, that thing that you once enjoyed and wanted to save to have more later. It's been there now for a long time and you know it's moldy. You know it's not good anymore and it's not good for you. You know you should do something with it. But, it's safe there in that familiar air tight bowl and if you open it it will be ugly and smelly and nasty until you either clean it up or just get rid of it.

So what is the moldy thing in your life that either needs cleaned up or thrown out completely? Is it a job? Is it a bad habit or addiction? Is it a relationship? Is it an arrogant sense of entitlement? Is it your unrealistic expectations? Is it your need for immediate gratification? Is it your self-righteousness?

What is that "thing" that is not best for you, or you at your best, but is comfortable or familiar so it erroneously makes you feel safe?

May I encourage you to get rid of it if you need to - or clean it out and clean it up if you need to. Start your year with your refrigerator clean and there will be more room for all the healthy stuff and new tastes life has to offer.


2cats said...

I love that analogy. It is perfect. A cleaning of my life. I really must remember this. Thank you. Happy New Year.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Sigh. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. But those are good words; it's the right thing to do.

Greg C said...

For me its that extra 40 lbs that I have been carrying around all year. It is on the way out. I swear. This time it is for real. I think.

Thena said...

I wonder sometimes why we make something harder than it really is. If we could just truly grasp that All things are possible with God.