Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two for Tuesday - Tiger

I typically avoid media topics but several conversations ( both participated in and overheard) have led me to write this post. Let me say first that there is absolutely NO excuse for Tiger's infidelity. Let me repeat - NONE!

In response to the news about Tiger I have heard several people comment, both male and female, "but he has a beautiful wife" or something similar. What exactly are we saying then?

1. If his wife were ugly or plain then it would be okay? Or more understandable? Or easier to accept? Really! This misses two points. First is she were ugly or plain then she would have been that when he married her unless there had been some sort of disfiguring accident. Second, male infidelity rarely has anything at all to do with the wife. That being said...

2. His wife is beautiful. This does not, however, mean she is kind or supportive or a good wife in any way. While this would still in no way excuse his behavior, I am amazed at the way we assumed positive character traits on someone based soley on their looks. Kind of like assuming that because some one is a great athlete, a golfer let's say, that they are a good person and appropriate role model.