Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flashback Friday - Cruisin'

This is the debut week for Flashback Friday, a meme by Mocha with Linda.

Here is the week one prompt and my response.

How and when did you learn to drive? Do you have any particular memories associated with getting your driver license? How old were you when you got your first car and what was it? Who paid for it?

Way back in the day (ba-dump-bump)driver's education was offered through your high school every summer. I took this summer class shortly after I turned 15. There was classroom time including a terrifying drunk driving filmstrip. Remember those? Then we drove with an instructor and two other students. I remember being very nervous - more about the other two drivers in my car than of my own driving. After passing the class you still had to wait until you were 16 years and one month old to get your license. In the meantime you had a beginner's permit and could drive with any adult(over 18) licensed driver in order to get more experience. My parent's rule was that I could get my license when they thought I was ready, not necessarily one month after my 16th birthday. During that time I drove often with Daddy. He took me to the school parking lot to practice on the ice during the winter. He was an extremely patient man and let me drive often. Early in the Spring before I turned 16 we were driving down a familiar road that had a small hill. At the top of the hill in the oncoming lane was a garbage truck that had stopped to pick up garbage. As I started up the hill a car came flying over the hill around the truck! I immediately slammed on the brakes as I pulled to the very edge of the road. I was terrified! At that moment I wasn't sure I ever wanted to drive again. At that same moment, as I sat there shaking, my Dad said, "You're ready to get your license now."

Daddy had a 1967 Camaro (it's still in the family) that, at that time, was just an older car that all of us girls drove. The first car I bought (and paid for)was also a Camaro, a beautiful silver one, when I was 18. It is still my favorite make of car although I'm not really "in love" with the new 2010 style.


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh I loved the old Camaros! Several people have mentioned them.

BTW, your link in Mr. Linky goes to your RD post from Wed. That drives me nuts about Linky - it always tries to put the previous link in that you left.

Melli said...

This is a GREAT story! Yep! I would have said you were ready for your license at that point too! Your dad sounds like a great guy!

Barbara H. said...

A lot of people mentioned Camaros today! Those were the cool cars when I was in high school.

I loved the story about your dad.

Kim said...

The FF ladies love their Cameros! LOL I cannot believe how many of you had them as first cars! Wow!

bp said...

Oh wow, what an experience for anyone, especially a beginner driver.

Have a good weekend!