Monday, December 3, 2007


WHAT a weekend!!!! It started wonderfully and peacefully. I went to "The Gathering" * at our church. It is a wonderful women's event they do for Christmas each year. It was fun and festive and relaxing. I'm pretty sure God knew I was going to need that calm before the chaos of the rest of the weekend!

I pride myself on my multitasking abilities, but seriously! Grandbaby spent the weekend since her parents had to travel out of state to a funeral. She was very, very good and we always enjoy having her. However, she is a baby and requires attention and feeding and changing. Add to that that Mercy, the puppy, went into heat for the first time and, therefore, also needs changing which can be pretty challenging with a 70+ lb. rottweiler who really doesn't like those "pants" you just put on her. Did I mention that she is pretty smart and managed to figure out how to unhook them herself in less than 20 minutes. Plus you can't just put her outside without risking the possibility of ending up with black labweillers (the neighbor's dog who's proven he can jump our fence) or, worse yet, coyotweillers (eek!). I saw three coyotes run across the corn field this morning. Then add that hubby was very sick all of Saturday- fever/cold chills, etc. - and trying to stay away from the baby.
Sum total = one exhausted, frazzled me! I was quite ready to come back to the routine of work this morning. So, how was your weekend?

*If you'd like to see more about "The Gathering" visit my friend Linda's blog at You'll find pictures and clips or part or her talk.


Johanna said...

Wow! You are Superwoman! And around here, you could probably sell Coyoteweilers for a WHOLE BUNCH of money! Good luck with the dog pants- I had to keep rubber boots on a dog due to a foot injury, he was under a year old and in that crazy teenage dog phase, and it was almost impossible.

Linda said...

You are too kind, my sweet friend. I can't imagine that diaper. Don't want to.