Friday, May 30, 2008

The Eyes Have It

I started my morning at my annual appointment with the eye doctor. This is probably the only "check-up" I really don't mind going to. I mean, there is no pushing or prodding or taking your clothes off. There's no trying to answer questions while lying back with various tools in your mouth or drool running down the side of your face. You just get to sit there, fully clothed and in a normal sitting position, and read the letters on the screen or play optical illusion games.

My kids still talk about pinching the wings on the fly after putting on the funny 3-D glasses. Apparently, however, the eye doctor we had when they were younger is the only one who owned/used the fly trick because very few people seem to know what we're talking about.

Most of the games are fun, like find the number located in the circle of colored dots which always makes me think of Dip n'Dots and then makes me hungry for the ice cream created by NASA. Then there is the follow the dot game - this is the original video game where you follow the red light around the screen and then push the button each time you see the green or white dot appear. I'm great at this game test. They told me today that I only missed one! {Side note to Justin - this is not a challenge like Yahtzee or Bop-it}

The only down side is when they puff air in your eye - why is that always still startling even when you know what they're going to do - and the aftermath of them dilating your eyes. You come out with eyes that look like a Precious Moments doll and praying it's a cloudy day so you won't walk around squinting like the Wicked Witch of the West as she says "my pretty".

This is where the prizes come in handy. At my eye doctor's office I always leave with two prizes- a flat pair of sunglasses and an eyeball to eat. Yes, I said an eyeball to eat. My doctor has an interesting sense of humor so when you check out you get a chocolate eyeball to go.

I guess the dentist does give prizes too if you count the toothbrush. Still, for me, the eye's have it.

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